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God and the Big Bang gives students in Years 5 and 6 (9-11 year olds) an exciting opportunity to discover, discuss and debate the compatibility of science and faith. The day aims to equip young people with the all-important tools they need in order to form their own opinions and engage in rational, exciting, well-reasoned and thought-provoking discussion about the place for science in God’s world.

Each event is carefully tailored to the age-range of the students and can be hosted by local school or Cathedral.

We begin with a keynote talk. With younger students, these are around half an hour and are often given by one of our science-faith communicators with extensive experience of working with young people. They will likely involve one of our practical science demonstration sessions. From magic tricks to explosions, this session interweaves personal stories about science and faith with the chance to show pupils just how exciting science actually is! Don’t worry- you’re in safe hands, just don’t try this at home!

We then split the students into smaller groups for three interactive workshops. Even more exciting than listening to talks and watching explosions, students have the chance to try out some hands-on science! These are usually run by early career scientists who are also Christians, and the topics are wide ranging. Workshops can range from ethical debate of a controversial scientific topic, to solving a mystery using chemistry experiments, to trying your hand at observing an animal’s behaviour and collecting scientific data. Pupils will be encouraged to consider how these areas of science can fit with faith whilst they delight in the thrills and ethical implications of scientific research.

Finally, we end the day with a Q&A panel. God and the Big Bang allows young people to ask some of the big questions they usually struggle to find answers to, and hear responses from leading scientists with a wealth of knowledge about, and passion for, both science and theology. With fascinating questions and deeply insightful, respectful and honest answers, this panel session prompts a high level of discussion around science and faith, providing pupils with the opportunity to grapple with current ideas surrounding science and faith, in an inspiring, eye-opening way that helps make the event one that will be remembered by students and teachers alike.

Our workshop days are designed for a minimum of 80 and a maximum of 120 students.