Meet The Team

OUR team coordinate THE projectS AND DEVELOP NEW ideas.

We have a staff team that coordinate the project and develop new ideas. We also have a whole network of science-faith communicators who come and help deliver the workshops. If you’re interested in training a science-faith communicator, get involved

Sarah Moring.

Schools Development Officer

Sarah is the Schools Development Officer. She started working with the project after completing a degree in Pharmaceutical Science at the University of Lincoln and a Masters degree in Science Communication at Imperial College London. Sarah has always loved asking questions and finds joy in the mysteries both science and faith have to offer.

Steph Bevan.

Schools Development Officer (Wales)

Steph graduated in Physics and Music at Cardiff University before training to be a Physics Teacher at the Institute of Education, London. Steph now works part time for the Institute of Physics as the Public Engagement Manager for Wales, as well as our Schools Development Officer for Wales.

Matt Pritchard.

Training Officer

Matt is a science magician, Curator of Wonder and is on the God and the Big Bang team as the Church-School Link coordinator. As an independent science communicator he performs to over 50,000 people a year and works with organisations like The Royal Institution, The Big Bang Fairs, and the Science Museum Group. Matt works with our science-faith communicators to get them confident in delivering workshops in the classroom.

Michael Harvey.

Executive Director

Michael has helped a numerous businesses and individuals unlock growth and unleash potential. In 2004 Back to Church Sunday was birthed and Michael started to work with churches throughout the UK and eventually throughout the english speaking world. He has spoken to thousands of church leaders in his Unlocking the Growth Seminars. Michael has been instrumental in developing the God and the Big Bang project since it’s beginning.