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Virtual Workshops for Primary Schools

Virtual Workshops for Primary Schools 2021-05-18T11:22:06+00:00

For a limited time God and the Big Bang are offering virtual workshops!

Running for two hours, the workshops will feature two sessions as well as a live Q&A with the GatBB team. The first session will be livestreamed into your classroom featuring a member of our team. With live demonstrations and ‘wow!’ moments, pupils will be introduced to the compatibility of science and faith and start to think of some big questions.

The second session is a teacher led interactive investigation activity, with all the resources you need provided. Working in groups, pupils will be challenged to think about how we find answers to some of life’s biggest questions.

Finally, the GatBB team will hold a live Q&A session for pupils to ask some of the questions they have come up with throughout the workshop- no question is off limits!

We would usually charge £5 per pupil for a virtual workshop session.