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Current research suggests that teachers often feel uncomfortable when it comes to discussing matters of science and faith in the classroom. Equally, pupils avoid asking big questions about science and religion as they feel unsure about the appropriate time, place and people to ask.

Therefore we aim to provide teachers and pupils with an opportunity for thought, discussion and questions. We seek to aid teachers so that they feel better equipped to tackle such questions and support their pupils, and encourage and engage pupils to think critically and explore this area confidently.

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Teacher Training Feedback

“I didn’t know what to expect but I feel much better after attending this course. It was fantastic! It will benefit my students enormously and I now have ideas for delivering good lessons on a tricky topic.”

“All the speakers were confident and personable. I most enjoyed the experiments, discussion and the Q+A explanation as to how the Bible links to science. It has given me more confidence to answer difficult questions. I want to take away the idea that science and religion should be taught hand in hand. Great day!”

“The session promoted links and discussion between our departments and explored lots of points made by real scientists and theologians.”

“The session was very good, seeing scientists interact with faith questions has given me more to think about as to how to tackle students’ questions.”

“The session sparked discussions and will benefit our students by opening the minds of teachers.”

“Being religious and a science teacher there are challenges with what I believe at times. The session has made me more open minded to allow creative thinking in lessons.”

“I’m not religious, so I struggle to feel equipped enough to handle questions effectively regarding religion. I enjoyed the chance for discussion and feel encouraged not to be afraid to broach any religious aspects as they arise and feel I could facilitate student discussions on this topic now.”