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Praise for GATBB

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Student Praise for God and the Big Bang

“Gave me more of an insight to how others view their faith and as an atheist I now understand their reasons better.”

“I already thought that science and faith should go hand in hand and the day has strengthened my belief.”

“The day made me view Christianity and science in a different light and made me more open to a positive overlapping of the two.”

“Once we asked a question (the speaker) didn’t leave it but he added more insight to help us think of other possibilities to our questions.”

“Really enjoyed being able to ask more questions and hear them get answered.”

“I was able to gain a better/further understanding of religion and sciences. It’s not so much religion vs science but science and religion working together”

“I’ve become more open minded”

“I learned that chickens are dinosaurs and it blew my mind!”


Teacher Praise for God and the Big Bang

“We were very pleased with the professionalism of the God and the Big Bang team and the day they put together. Students really benefitted as they felt able to ask questions and have their views considered. Having young presenters on the team was also positive as it helped students to engage and relate.”

“As a Christian scientist, it is greatly encouraging to see the work you are doing – thank you so much, a real encouragement.”


“This contributes to a wider, more rounded education. There is not always time in lessons to debate these philosophical issues.”

“The quality of presenters was much higher than I expected – by that I mean that their written credentials are v. high (University of Cambridge and Faraday Institute) but they could articulate their understanding to young people extremely well.”

“Thank you to you and your team for putting together such a great day. The workshops were all well received and provided a good mix of activity, thought and discussion for the students…. I am encouraged by the survey results and feel that this subject is one which must be considered by young people today, whatever the conclusions they draw from the discussions.”