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School Events
God and the Big Bang gives students from Year 6 – 13 (10-18 year olds) an exciting opportunity to discover, discuss and debate the compatibility of science and faith. The day aims to equip young people with the all-important tools they need in order to form their own opinions and engage in rational, exciting, well-reasoned and thought-provoking discussion about the place for science in God’s world.

The talks are captivating and stimulating, dealing both with cutting-edge science and personal and honest reflections about the interaction of science and faith in an eye-opening way that will enthuse and inspire pupils and teachers for years to come. A truly once in a lifetime experience! (see more).

Cathedral Events
Are you involved with youth work or educational outreach at a Cathedral? Would you like to support young people in your area as they search for relevant answers to their questions about science and faith? The God and the Big Bang team offers to come in to Cathedrals across the UK to run full-day events with a similar, exciting format to our school events. Click here to find out more about our inspiring school events, or get in contact to discuss the options for your Cathedral.

God and the Big Bang are supporting early career scientists from undergraduate to post-doctoral students as they think about how their personal faith and scientific careers complement one another (see more).

Similarly the project offers training days and evenings for primary and secondary school teachers to explore these topics for themselves. Each event is carefully tailored to the subject-area or year-group/ key-stage focus of teachers, and can be hosted by a local school or Cathedral. For more information about teacher training events contact the project’s executive director, Michael Harvey on

Resource Provision
We love science and like to keep up to date on current topics and the questions that these may raise. We pay close attention to the questions asked by students and teachers at our events and have produced an excellent RE curriculum resource to help answer the big questions young people really care about. We also regularly update our blog and upload the keynote talks from our recent events, where scientists of all ages share their thoughts on the interaction of their personal faith and scientific career (see more).