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Anna Pearson

Anna Pearson has recently graduated with a Masters degree in Physics from Royal Holloway. Along with two friends she set up a Christians in Science group at Royal Holloway in her third year, and she has been a part of the London CiS group. Her favourite area of Physics is Quantum Mechanics and she started a PhD in this area at the University of Oxford in September.This is what Anna has to say about the God and the Big Bang facilitated communication training workshop she attended last year:

“I heard about the communication training workshop when I took part in the Faraday Institute’s 2014 summer school. The quality of speakers and the deep insight into the relationship between science and faith was a breath of fresh air compared to all the conflicting ideas publicised and sensationalised in the media and elsewhere.

I feel very strongly about how the relationship between science and faith is misrepresented and the summer school made me think ‘one day I’d love to be able to speak like that!’. So when I was offered a space on this collaborative training workshop I jumped at the chance!

The workshop was absolutely excellent. The group was small enough that it wasn’t too intimidating for a first go at communicating, but still large enough that I now feel prepared to speak in a classroom or somewhere similar. There were plenty of opportunities to give and receive constructive feedback, practical advice and tips both from peers and those who have a lot of experience. To anyone considering going on this course my advice would be to do it! You may be nervous, or unsure if you have much to contribute (I was), but I can’t think of a nicer environment to test the waters and ‘give it a go’. An added bonus is finding out more about and having the chance to get involved in various projects and events that are running up and down the country, and meeting some of the other people who are involved with them.”