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lesleyLesley Gray has recently finished her PhD at The National Institute for Medical Research, where she also did a Year in Industry, whilst studying Medical Biochemistry at Surrey University. Her project focused on DNA helicases and antibiotic resistant bacteria. A national volunteer with Youth for Christ, youth worker in her church and health education tutor in a school and trainee teacher, she is keen to find ways to communicate science to young people while also discussing her faith.

“I am not quite sure how I ended up taking part in the communication workshop (but I am glad I did). Receiving the email about it, I knew it would be something which would both stretch and interest me. I hoped to gain some skills which I could apply to my science and my youth work.

I really enjoyed the workshop. It was so wonderful to meet like-minded people. It was such a supportive environment to learn how to communicate effectively. It was a small enough group that you got to know everyone really well over the course of the weekend, I am still in touch with some of them now. It really helped me build my confidence as well as shape my ideas about science and faith’s big questions.

I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to understand how to discuss their faith and science with with others. It is no where near as scary as I initially imagined it would be! Plus, you never know where it could lead. Following the course, I am looking forward to visiting schools with God and the Big Bang, I have written a resource for Youth for Christ which is being used in youth groups around the country, looking at the compatibility of science and faith and I have decided that long term, the classroom is the best place for me and so will be commencing teacher training in September!