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Developments and discoveries in science are often cited as the reason for decline in religious belief. Is religion directly challenged by science, are they complementary world views, or should they never mix? Scientific knowledge is often presented as the only reliable form of information, yet for people of faith religion provides answers to questions they feel science cannot…

Using questions put forward by students at God and the Big Bang school events, this curriculum book for ages 11-18 explores current questions at the heart of contemporary science and Christian faith through the work of scientists, philosophers and thinkers who are also Christians. Students will consider what is meaningful in both science and Christianity, and what both reveal about the human condition.

The title features five units covering KS3 – KS5:

Unit 1 – Genesis: the beginning
Unit 2 – The Rise of Humanity
Unit 3 – Earthquakes and Evil
Unit 4 – Religion and Science: what are their purposes?
Unit 5 – Religion and Science: a problem of language?
Each of these are supported by nine videos provided on DVD.

God and the Big Bang provides:

  • practical, classroom-ready activities, resources and teaching ideas
  • interviews from astrophysicists and neuroscientists, evolutionary biologists and psychologists who are Christian
  • connections between ethical questions addressed by contemporary science
  • RE topics suitable for KS3, KS4 and KS5


For more information or to buy the resource visit: and hear from some of the scientists featured on the resource as to why it is so important (below)!