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Young people navigating their science education alongside a personal faith journey have some big questions. God and the Big Bang gives them the opportunity to interact with Christian scientists who demonstrate the compatibility of science and faith through exploring some of life’s biggest questions.

The online sessions include quizzes, demonstrations, interactive breakout discussions and Q&A sessions to keep young people engaged. With topics such as ‘can science answer all our questions?’ and ‘could science solve all our problems?’, young people at all stages will have the opportunity to explore the part science has to play in God’s world, and God in the world of science. They will be able to ask their own questions as well as be equipped to answer some of the questions their friends might challenge them with.

 “How important the topic of science and faith is to our young people was evident in the number of our young people who attended, and the number the questions they asked. The speakers were brilliant. We are delighted we did this with our young people and hope that many churches will do the same”

  Reverend Canon Dr Paul Vrolijk, Senior Chaplain and Canon Chancellor at Holy Trinity Brussels


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