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Review: Let There Be Science (Tom McLeish & Dave Hutchings)

Let There Be Science: Why God loves science, and science needs God is refreshing in being more than an apologetic for faith and science: it’s also a mission statement for science and the contemporary Church. The authors, Professor Tom McLeish and David Hutchings, are accomplished story tellers, beginning from the perspective that one doesn’t really [...]

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Build Bridges, Not Walls: Challenging Classrooms’ Hidden Curricula

Want to know more about our research with LASAR? Our coordinator Hannah Malcolm has written a blog post for Theos Think Tank, discussing the importance of good Religious Education and its knock on effect to other parts of the curriculum. You can read it here. 

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Science and Failure

Amy Timmins is a PhD student at the University of Manchester specialising in Biochemistry, and rapidly becoming a regular blogger of ours! She loves exploring new places, seeing the science in day to day life and dancing with her friends. Today she discusses how we perceive failure, and challenges us to think about failure as something that can [...]

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Delighting in science and God

Stephanie Bryant read Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge and is now project coordinator of God and the Big Bang. She loves discussing all things science and faith but her favourite thing to talk about is wolves! Today she talks about the solar eclipse, a recent God and the Big Bang school event, [...]

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Science and Faith: Why connect them?

Chloe Webster is a 3rd Year Biology undergraduate at Royal Holloway, University of London. She became a Christian in her late teens, but it wasn’t until later that she started to consider the connection between science and faith. Today she reflects on whether the two should be viewed as separate aspects of her life, or [...]

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