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Is Science a Job for Christians?

Anna Pearson is a student at Royal Holloway studying for a Masters in Physics. Along with two friends in her third year she set up a Christians in Science group at Royal Holloway, and this year is part of the London CiS group. Her favourite area of Physics is Quantum Mechanics and next year (2015/16) she [...]

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The Meaning of Life

Amy Timmins is a PhD student at the University of Manchester specialising in Biochemistry. She loves exploring new places, seeing the science in day to day life and dancing with her friends. Today she gives us her take on the meaning and purpose of life: When I move to a new place, one of the first [...]

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Big Questions

Emily Sturgess is the Development Officer for Christians in Science. She studied biology at Oxford, is an ecologist by training, loves nature, and can identify enough species of moss on-sight to elicit mockery from family members. Today she considers how we go about answering life’s big questions. How do you answer the big questions in life? [...]

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Welcome to God and the Big Bang!

Welcome to our exciting new God and the Big Bang news-feed. We will be using the news-feed to share our latest news as well as articles from scientists and philosophers at varying stages of their careers, sharing their insights on areas of science and faith.

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