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Bitesize Online CPD

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The GatBB team have put together a series of one-hour CPD courses, which are delivered using Zoom. The courses are informative and interactive, equipping teachers to tackle tricky areas of the curriculum where science and faith collide.

Bookings are £50 per teacher.

Endorsements for GatBB Bitesize:

  ‘I have been teaching RE for 20 years and never had CPD on this, it’s really needed’

‘The units sound really good and look like they would support an increased confidence for teachers when working with their pupils to explore and develop understanding in these areas. Improving the confidence and knowledge of teachers of science in the primary phase is vital.’

‘Wow, these sound fantastic and are very much need for staff CPD. Our aim is always to keep God at the centre of our teaching, particularly in subjects like science and these will equip the staff to respond to the big questions children may have.’

To register interest for any of these courses, please email


Lower Key Stage 2: Rocks and Fossils- How do billions of years and the days of Creation coincide? Monday 7th June, 4.15pm

What happens when pupils start exploring different kinds of rocks and researching how living things become trapped in rock and form fossils over billions of years? How can they reconcile this information with the Creation story they learn about in RE? In this session, teachers can expect to be equipped with knowledge and practical approaches to prevent pupils making a false-choice between science and faith at the earliest opportunity.

Upper Key Stage 2: Evolution and Genesis- Sources of Knowledge for Creation. Tuesday 8th June, 4.15pm

Learning about adaptation, variation and evolution and the value of the fossil record may lead some pupils to question the Creation stories of Genesis. In this session, teachers can expect to be equipped with the tools to lead pupils through an exploration of the Genesis texts and scientific evidence as sources of knowledge for understanding Creation.

Upper Key Stage 2: Planets and Purpose- What is there to learn about God from the Solar System? Monday 14th June, 4.15pm

Learning about other planets and about how ideas on the solar system have developed over time can spark questions on the enormity of Creator God and the purpose of humanity. In this session, teachers can expect to be equipped with knowledge and resources to explore awe and wonder at the power and majesty of the Universe as well as the unique relationship humans share with God.

Senior Leadership: Headteachers as Christian leaders in the area of science and faith. Tuesday 15th June, 4.15pm

Does science make it difficult to believe in God? Can science support faith in God? Informed by data collected from across the country, this course will teach senior leadership the key  concepts to ensure that a false-choice between science and faith is not being made by pupils.  In light of the updated SIAMS inspection framework, this session will provide ideas on how to  give pupils the opportunity for awe and wonder and how to create a question-rich environment within school communities.

Governors: How do whole school communities engage with questions of science and faith? Thursday 17th June, 4.15pm 

With an overview of the key areas in the National Curriculum where science and faith collide, this session will equip governors with the knowledge to create a question-rich environment within schools. With ideas on facilitating the faith formation and spiritual maturing of pupils and staff alike, the course will give suggestions on how to give opportunities for awe and wonder.